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master list: cali's writing

...because i am a sheep, and i must follow the herd xDDD
not to mention st00pid ff.net truncates my summaries and it bugs me to no end >.<
this list is a WIP.

avatar: the last airbender

avatar: the last airbender in a nutshell (eng; humor/crack).
link 1
the avatar characters recap the series. now with special cameos by bryke, captain planet, and many more! (but NOT barney). written as i guffawed through watched the series. im in ur intarwebz, trollin ur maiko no ship bashing whatsoever intended (i tried to put a little of everything in-- at least the pairings i could think of). and believe me, i make fun of sokka because i love him. what can i say? that's how i express affection ^^;;; all for the sake of the crackiness, NOT to be taken seriously xDDD


a proper thank you (eng; humor/romance; ishihime).
link 1, link 2
our dear, impressionable orihime takes tips from the girls in the movies.

owarinai (eng; romance/drama; ishihime, shiromomo, ichiruki + others).
link 1
just a series of standalone stories about how I think my favorite couples will do at the end of the series. beware the mush!

card captor sakura

before the bell rang (eng; general/romance; ExT).
link 1
both of them were an integral part of the story of sakura and the cards. but with the passing of time, away from others' eyes, they created their own story... every day, before the bell rang.

the chronicles of narnia

doesn't have to (eng; romance; caspian/susan).
link 1
"they weren't meant to be now any more than they were in the past, but they were both here in the same place at the same time, and that was good enough for her." susan and caspian meet again, after the story of narnia is over. movieverse, but does fit into book canon.

perspectives (eng; general/romance; caspian/susan).
link 1
"i guess we're going to have this conversation now, aren't we?" peter and caspian have a man-to-man talk before the pevensies learn they have to leave. my take on the big brother warning. missing scene from the prince caspian movie. caspian/susan.

untitled (eng; family/romance/crackish fluff; caspian/susan).
link 1
we've all seen peter be overprotective... sometimes the roles are bound to reverse. and good things may be in store for caspian when he finds himself in the middle of it. caspian/susan.

last lullaby (eng; angst/drama; caspian/susan).
link 1
she would recognize him anywhere. it was impossible, she knew; there was no logical explanation for his presence but there he was, so close that her skin tingled just with the possibility that it could touch his. caspian/susan... sort of.

cowboy bebop

untitled ficlet (eng; introspective/romance; spike/faye).
link 1
he realized many, many things while he was asleep. post-series.

csi miami

in too deep (eng; suspense/romance; ryan/calleigh + others).
link 1
a fashion empire heiress has been found dead in her pool, and the miami-dade CSI team is on the case. the truth, and some other, deeper-buried feelings, will resurface.


sin titulo (spn; romance/humor/drama; yamasora, jyoumi, takari + others).
link 1
las vidas de los digidestinados seis años despues del digimundo.

restoration (eng; romance/drama; yamasora, jyoumi, takari + others).
link 1
she was laying on the ground, apparently unconscious, and she looked to be around four years old. a new window showed a map of the digital world, pinpointing an approximate of her location. there were also seven other red dots flashing back at them.

baking cookies (eng; romance; yamasora; warning!: rated NC-17!).
link 1
yamato and sora bake cookies, and then some. PWP, post-DA02.

hope for the future (eng; romance; takari).
link 1, link 2
TK and kari haven't seen each other in months because of the university, and now they realize that they miss eachother... songfic.

relaciones sentimentales (spn; fluff/waff).
link 1, link 2
los han visto como figuras paternales, como hermanos mayores y como las personas maduras del grupo... quieren verlos de otra forma? si, ya se, descripcion abstracta...

la meta de mi viaje (spn; general).
link 1, link 2
yamato se esta mudando para asistir a la universidad, y tiene una conversacion con su padre. songfic.

an encounter (eng; general/friendship).
link 1
she took a couple of steps forward, and for one panicked second he thought she might hug him. he was just a boy, after all, and he had the sinking sensation he was starting to blush. yamasora friendship, pre-adventure 01.

passion: interrupted (eng; romance/humor; yamasora).
link 1
maybe there was some truth to the idea that the course of true love never did run smooth... especially if people kept forgetting to knock like they were supposed to. yamasora vignettes, set during and after the series.

fullmetal alchemist

ed & co. get fantastic powers (eng; parody).
link 1
little bit of craziness i wrote after watching the fantastic four movie and reading too much hagaren manga.

moving forward (eng; general/romance; edowin, royai).
link 1
AU, chaptered, high-school themed, but not your usual sweet-valley high school fanfic. edward elric has to become the best track runner there is, for his mother, for his brother, and for everyone else in his life. but will triumph come at a high cost?

untitled drabbley thing (eng; romance/angst; edowin).
link 1
edward elric thinks about winry; post-movie.

hannah montana

road trippin' (with my two three favorite (?) allies) (eng; general/romance; oliver/lilly, jake/miley).
link 1
the summer after graduation, before they have to split up for college, miley, lilly and oliver go on a road trip across the US. jackson tags along. craziness and self-revelation ensues.

harry potter

somnium insidiae (spn & eng; book 1-6; mystery/romance; harry/hermione).
link 1 (spn), link 2 (eng)
cuando uno lo tiene todo, no desea tener nada mas. pero hay veces que nuestro subconsciente afirma lo contrario...

when you have everything, you just don't want to have anything else. but sometimes our subconscious says otherwise... and maybe our dreams mean something, if only we'd pay a little more attention to them.

harry potter y el orbe de imago (spn; book 1-4; romance/mystery; harry/hermione + others).
link 1
hay una chica en hogwarts que tiene algo que es de harry, y no, no me refiero exactamente a su corazon...

la ultima prueba (spn; book 1-5; suspence/general; harry/hermione).
link 1
hay que combatir. hay que amar. hay que confiar. y hay que crecer. porque siempre hay algo nuevo que aprender, y eso siempre es lo mas importante.

tu primero (spn; romance/humor; book 1-6; MWPP era james/lily + others).
link 1
lily es una niñita de papa; sirius le teme a las niñas; remus esta obsesionado con los dulces; james es una mente maestra; arabella golpea niños porque si; peter le besa los pies a su profesora de transfiguracion; y sevvie solo quiere tener un amigo.

the one who needs it the most (spn & eng; book 1-5; romance/angst; harry/hermione).
link 1 (spn), link 2 (eng), link 3 (spn)
una nueva tradicion en la familia granger, justo cuando dan las 12 medianoche entre nochebuena y navidad, les enseña a todos el verdadero significado del lema navideño: "dar al que mas lo necesita."

a new tradition in the granger family, right when midnight strikes on christmas' eve, helps everybody learn the real meaning of the christmas motto: "give to the one who needs it the most."

cuando la fantasia se va fuera de control (spn; parody; book 1-5; harry/hermione).
link 1
este cuento es mejor conocido como "la cosa rara con la que se salio cali en un momento de debilidad mental." uno de esos fanfics en que los autores vienen y destrozan un clasico de la literatura universal...

tritatos (spn; general; book 1-5; harry/hermione).
link 1
una serie de viñetas sobre ron.

all's right with the world (eng; susp/rom; book 1-7; harry/hermione, ron/luna, draco/ginny).
link 1, link 2
harry potter thought he was content working a nondescript job and living in a nondescript flat with his two best friends, but something is about to shake the foundations of their lives. what if what's right for the world isn't right for him? will he let it go? the decision is, as always, only his.

extraordinary (eng; general/friendship; book 1-5).
link 1, link 2
professor sinistra contemplates the mechanics of the relationship between three of her students while grading their essays.

a rather indecent proposal (eng; rom/hum; book 1-7; ron/luna, harry/hermione, draco/ginny).
link 1, link 2
"i need you to be my boyfriend." "luna, you... do know i'm with hermione... don't you?" "yes, but don't worry, it's okay. i'm not a jealous person." ron's eyes almost bugged out. every time he thought he'd seen her at her limit of craziness, she managed to surprise him yet again.

salvacion (spn; drama; book 1-4).
link 1, link 2
lo que queda atras despues de la ultima batalla...

from behind a bookshelf (eng; romance/general; book 1-4; harry/hermione).
link 1, link 2, link 3
everything you need to know in life: what dust-filled bookshelves do to noses, and what love-filled environments do to (*cough*) undercover operations.

bombas en la sala comun (spn; romance/humor; book 1-4).
link 1, link 2
hace mucho tiempo, los antiguos predijeron que el dia del fin del mundo seria... el dia que cali escribiera un fanfic HG. bien, agarren su casco, porque aqui hay uno, aunque tal vez no sea lo que todos esperan.

notitas en la clase de historia (spn; romance/humor; book 1-4).
link 1
decidido a hacer su mañana mas productiva de lo que lo habia sido hasta ahora, harry arranco un pedazo del pergamino que habia colocado en su escritorio al iniciar la clase, y que seguia totalmente limpio. rapidamente escribio algo en el, lo arrugo de forma que se hizo una bola, y lo arrojo disimuladamente a la silla que estaba diagonal a la de el.

ripple (eng; drama/angst; book 1-7 + epilogue; harry/hermione).
link 1, link 2
"it's been years." then again, he's always been a little slow about these things.


for a smile (eng; friendship/romance; nathan/audrey).
link 1
she was the only person who could make him smile like that, make him feel like that.

house m.d.

made tonight (eng; romance/drama/mush; chase/cameron).
link 1
"if you chose me, then why do we keep having this conversation?" "because you keep bringing it up!" chase and cameron have a much needed talk. post-ugly.

bookmaker's choice (eng; humor/romance/fluff; chase/cameron).
link 1
sorry, no refunds, luv. chasecameron. episode tag to 4.05: "mirror, mirror."

respite (eng; friendship/romance; chase/cameron).
link 1
his admission couldn't take away the overwhelming anxiety of this day, but it was some comfort, at least on a small level. chasecameron. small interlude set during euphoria, part 1.

moments like these (eng; romance; chase/cameron).
link 1
he was happy. "so am i," she told him and as she said the words, she knew she meant them.

the hunger games

only the joy (eng; family/fluff; peeta/katniss).
link 1, link 2
peeta/katniss, mellark babies, post-MJ. "you should've known we'd have the most annoying kids ever."

routines (eng; angst/romance; peeta/katniss).
link 1
dr. aurelius had encouraged her to develop routines. routines were good. routines could make her feel better. post-mockingjay, pre-epilogue.

ricochet (eng; adventure/drama/romance; peeta/katniss, rory/prim + others).
link 1
"primrose everdeen." this can't be happening, katniss thought. she desperately pushed through the crowd. i volunteer!, she wanted to scream. i volunteer as tribute! but she couldn't, because she wasn't eligible for the reaping anymore. there was nothing she could do.


boyshorts (eng; romance/humor; freddie/sam).
link 1
sam likes to wear boyshorts. freddie likes that. he likes that a lot.

oddities (eng; romance/humor/friendship; freddie/sam).
link 1, link 2
they were just odd, carly decided. her two best friends were odd people.

best for you (eng; friendship/romance/drama; freddie/sam).
link 1
col. shay forbids carly from hanging out with sam because she's a bad influence on his daughter. to say the foundations of the trio's friendship are shaken is an understatement. shay family dynamics, carly/sam friendship, freddie/sam.

your call (eng; romance; freddie/sam).
link 1
"honestly, sam, if you wanted to hear my voice, you could have just CALLED."

of the flux and other forces (eng; friendship/humor).
link 1
"fine, benson. it's a date." wait a second... did she just say... DATE? freddie/sam friendship.

of leporids and men (eng; humor/crack/romance; freddie/sam).
link 1
she looked down at the thing, and it raised its scrunchy face at her, complete with twitchy ears, twitchy nose, and twitchy whiskers. "...can i eat it?" carly and freddie looked at her in abject horror. crackfic, fluff, established freddie/sam.


how would inuyasha-tachi (and other random IY characters) cross a river? (eng; humor/crack).
link 1
just what the title says. hmmmm, i wonder...

joan of arcadia

coming closer (eng; general/romance; adam/joan).
link 1
the girardi family comes closer. adam and joan come closer. in the end, there's always someone coming a little closer. J&A, post-recreation.

jonny quest: the real adventures

ira y destino (spn; general/romance; jonny/jessie).
link 1
cuando se tiene una obsesion, nada importa mas que cumplirla. que tan lejos iran los quest para quitarse de encima a cierto psicopata obsesivo?

the magic school bus

patchwork (eng; romance/friendship; carlos/DA, keesha/OC + others).
link 1
senior year isn't all that it's cracked up to be. college applications, relationship trouble, sex or the lack thereof... kinda makes you wish a magic bus could take you away from all the drama, right?


lost in translation (eng; friendship/romance; arthur/morgana).
link 1
it was always about hidden meanings between them.


dakaratte (eng; romance/drama; sasusaku, shikaino, naruhina, nejiten).
link 1
they live in a land where family strength and honor of the bloodline are the most important things. by that principle, uchiha sasuke finds himself in an arranged engagement to hyuuga hinata, and he intends to follow it through, to restore the uchiha clan. he doesn't know anything about girls, though, so he gets help from the only girl he can consider being remotely comfortable with... what happens when their "practice" becomes so much more? and how will hinata deal with her family's pressure and her impending loveless marriage?

enneagram (eng; general/angst).
link 1
from the greek "nine lines," conveys a system of "knowledge" about nine distinct but interrelated personality types, or nine ways of seeing and experiencing the world. 300 word -ish drabbles about the konoha boys.

neon genesis evangelion

si asuka tuviera el papel de rei y viceversa (spn; humor/crack).
link 1
que pasaria si los directores le hubieran dado a asuka el papel de rei, y a rei el de asuka?


the kid who wanted to be a super villain (eng; general).
link 1
mickey felt a little disappointed that batman beat mr. freeze in the end, but it wasn't that big of a tragedy. he still liked him. he wanted to be a super villain when he grew up!

what matters most (spn/eng; general/friendship).
link 1 (eng), link 2 (spn)
a christmas side-story to my original novel, ztuckin.

percy jackson & the olympians - heroes of olympus

the best thing (eng; romance; percy/annabeth).
link 1
it's not hard to see why they fell in love so completely. post-TLO.


if only tears could bring you back to me (spn; romance/angst; AAML).
link 1
los pensamientos de misty durante la escena climax de la primera pelicula de pokemon. songfic.

despues de tanto tiempo... (spn; romance; AAML).
link 1
ash y misty se reencuentran por casualidad despues de muchos años sin verse.

ranma 1/2

jewel of the seven sages (eng; gen/rom; ryouga/ukyou, ranma/akane + others).
link 1
after one too many destroyed wedding attempts, akane and ranma decide to elope. their plans are only rushed after they learn of a mysterious stone that might be able to cure jusenkyo curses. so the whole nerima gang embarks on a mission to the mountains, to find it... but will the benefits outweigh the sacrifices they will have to make?

rurouni kenshin

tales from the counseling office (eng; gen/rom; kenshin/kaoru, sano/megumi, aoshi/misao + others).
link 1
classes are just starting in samuikamen boarding school, and himura kenshin has been appointed as the new student counselor. will the school ever survive? not your typical "RK charas in high school" fic.

as seen on a photograph (eng & spn; romance; aoshi/misao).
link 1 (eng), link 2 (eng), link 3 (spn)
okina finds a photo on the attic, and shows it to misao. want to know what was on it?

okina encuentra una foto en el atico, y se la enseña a misao. quieren saber que habia en ella?

sometimes (eng; romance/general; sano/megumi).
link 1
years after the Jinchuu arc, megumi and her son receive a letter from a friend asking them to go to america. what... let me rephrase that... who... will they find there?

adivina (spn; romance/humor).
link 1
una proposicion y una boda. a ver si adivinan quienes conforman la pareja antes del final ;)

sailor moon

por que...? (spn; drama/action).
link 1
esto es horrible. estamos todas aqui, tratando de luchar contra una de nuestras amigas, y perdiendo.

momentos (spn; romance).
link 1
el titulo completo es "momentos en sailor moon donde todos los personajes consiguen una pareja." basado en un fanfic de ranma 1/2.

acaso los olvido...? (spn; drama/family).
link 1
ikuko sonrio. como no iba a estar orgullosa de ellos? eran sus hijos y los amaba, despues de todo. pero... pero es que sin querer... se habia realizado su peor pesadilla. la habian dejado sola.

saint seiya

la caida de drømmbakke (spn; myst/adv/rom/susp; hyouga/flare, shiryu/shunrei, shun/june + others).
link 1
la historia que comienza con un sueño, pero en realidad no; un ejercito capaz de apoderarse del mundo, pero en realidad no; una batalla cruenta y llena de sangre, pero en realidad no. entonces... cual es la realidad?

shaman king

and the darkness fell (eng; susp/myst/rom/act; yoh/anna, ren/pirika, horo/tamao, jun/bailong).
link 1
the shamans have an enemy in very high ranks. and before they can fight him, they must run away.

nothing she could do (eng; drama/angst; faust/eliza).
link 1
he looked so worried... it broke her heart to see him like this, so defeated. she moved closer to him, ready to comfort him. she wanted to help him... but there was nothing she could do. [FxE, pre-series]

ellos (spn; general/romance; yoh/anna).
link 1
antes de que yoh se fuera para los US, el y anna tuvieron una conversacion, pero en la serie la dejaron por la mitad. yo la continue! yoh/anna... mas o menos.


cartas de los personajes de slayers a santa claus (spn; humor/crack).
link 1
el titulo es la perfecta descripcion. *señala arriba*

slumdog millionaire

board game sundays (eng; fluff/waff; jamal/latika).
link 1
she often tells him it's a good thing that he went on millionaire when he did, because god-- whichever god there is-- made him good at one game, and one game only, and he'd found just the one.

wolverine & the x-men

the best-friending sessions (eng; fluff/friendship/drama).
link 1
kurt is back with the team. you'd think kitty would be happy about that. then why is she giving him the silent treatment?

like dr. seuss on an acid trip (eng; humor/crack; some kurt/wanda).
link 1
lorna writes poetry, and wants to share it with the world. and the world suffers through it because she is magneto's freakin' baby daughter. lord have mercy. for andthexmen's off-season fic-off no. 4.

x-men: evolution

plague of the black womb (eng; suspence/romance; kurtty, romy, jott + others).
link 1
a new dark force threatens the x-men, and it's using betsy braddock's human boyfriend to create uproar. how can this be? mystery looms over the mutants in bayville, in the wake of project black womb. used to be "black plague" but reposted for editing.
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  • 227

    ---------- RICOCHET chapter 31: ...from the people you love rating: most likely PG-13. nothing worse than what's in the books. genre:…

  • 226

    man, writing this chapter was like pulling teeth. i started writing way late because i had exams, and then after that i was hit with major…

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