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カルラ (carla)
28 June 2013 @ 09:56 pm

man, writing this chapter was like pulling teeth. i started writing way late because i had exams, and then after that i was hit with major writer's block. i was way too mentally dead to write, plot bunnies kept biting at my ankles (i've got another fic in the works, i couldn't resist-- stay tuned for it in a few weeks!), and adding that the chapter is mostly angsty didn't help matters. also, madge chapters are usually not as fleshed out from the beginning as other chapters because they tend to be less plot-related, so i only had about a paragraph in my outline for this chapter. and yet somehow, in trying to fill it up, i ended up making it 7k words long. i don't know how these things happen to me. -_-;;;

also, in an attempt to reduce my stress levels, i inadvertently ended up finding yet another fandom to obsess over: pitch perfect. is it my fault that movie just never fails to make me feel better? and i need cheering up these days. school has been killing me lately. so yeah, i think by now i've read just about every jesse/beca fanfic ever posted online-- but still, if any one of you happens to be part of the fandom and has some recs to throw my way, they'd be more than welcome! =D

anyway, despite all the troubles this chapter gave me, i quite like it. but that may be because i'm currently on a hawthornes spiral and this chapter is heavy on my bbs gale and rory. here, have a small excerpt.

'happy birthday, rory!'Collapse )

ETA for chapter 31: tomorrow morning, most likely! i've got tons of classwork to work on, but i'll do my best to post it early tomorrow.
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