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09 May 2013 @ 10:37 pm


chapter 30: taking cues...

rating: most likely PG-13. nothing worse than what's in the books.
genre: adventure/suspense/drama/romance... again, pretty much what's in the books.
pairings: peeta/katniss, rory/prim... and probably others. you'll see soon.
canon/timeline: same-context AU-- this fic still happens in the same world as THG, but the actual events in the books never happened. i'm adding about five years to the characters from the age they were at the beginning of the hunger games. katniss is 21.
disclaimer: yeah, just let me go get my transfer laser and switch bodies with suzanne collins. until i find it in the mess that is my room, anything you can recognize belongs to her.

note: i've never really tried this before (and i'm sure it will eventually come back and bite me in the behind), but each chapter will be from the PoV of a different character. you should be able to tell whose PoV it is fairly easily, though.

summary: "primrose everdeen." this can't be happening, katniss thought. she desperately pushed through the crowd. i volunteer!, she wanted to scream. i volunteer as tribute! but she couldn't, because she wasn't eligible for the reaping anymore. there was nothing she could do.

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