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08 December 2012 @ 06:05 pm

by staylost

whoo, it's been a while. what can i say, school's been keeping me busy busy busy, and even when i have free time i'm just so burnt out from schoolwork that i hardly ever got inspired to write. not to mention i'm freezing my butt off, which isn't exactly conducive to writing either. :P so my presence on the internet has been scarce for a while. but i'm back! the first quarter is over now and christmas/new year's break is coming up soon, so i hope to be able to de-stress and hopefully write more freely.

in the meantime, have a little snippet of chapter 32 of ricochet (yes, it's gale's PoV and no, that certainly didn't help the writer's block). as always, heads up for massive spoilers.


He made his way to the dining hall; he didn't have to make his way back to training for a while, as the meeting had extended into his lunch hour. As he was walking down the narrow hallways, he caught sight of Madge, walking out of a doorway he presumed [was] where she worked. She usually had lunch at the same time he did, he would see her sometimes, sitting mostly on her own. Figuring they were both heading in the same direction anyway, he walked up to her.

She noticed him approaching and gave him a small wave. "Late for lunch, too?" she asked, with a light smile that didn't quite reach her eyes. No one he knew was really up to smiling ever since Twelve was destroyed, but she always seemed to want to give it a try.

"Got held up in Command," he mumbled with a shrug. He didn't really want to talk about the meeting at all; however, he was in a mood because of Mellark. Sometimes the irritation bubbled up in him, and it was hard not to go into a rant. Now that they were in Thirteen, and he didn't have to hold back for fear a Peacekeeper might hear him and arrest him for treason, it was a lot easier just to let his mouth run without a care on which topic he was touching upon. So the next phrase was out of his mouth without him even giving them a thought. "Really, what is it with you townies?" he asked.

It was more of a rhetorical question, but the girl walking beside him didn't seem to get that. "What do you mean?"

If she'd taken his inquiry as some kind of personal affront, she didn't show it, and maybe that's why he didn't bother filtering the rest of his words. "You'd think all you people would be self-centered and clueless about anything around you, but then you open your mouths and you have the gall to actually be right about things. What the hell?"

By that point, she actually seemed more amused than anything else. "I take it you think that's a bad thing," she said, looking like she could be about to chuckle. Her eyes, though tired from what he guessed was a short night of sleep and a hard morning at work, shone with mirth.

He snorted. "I don't know if it's bad... but it's damn annoying, that's for sure," he finished with a shake of his head. He could recall Madge herself being right about a few things when it came to him and Katniss, and he wasn't anymore willing to admit it to her than he was to be in the same vicinity as Mellark.

"You mean Peeta's annoying," she stated, figuring out in just a few seconds just which townie he was specifically thinking of. It didn't take a genius; she had been around during quite a few of his confrontations with the baker. "Was the meeting about Katniss, then? Are there any news about her?"

He shook his head. "Can't say." She wasn't military and he didn't want to risk his already tentative clearance at Command by telling her more than she was allowed to know.

"Oh, come on," she said, apparently understanding that he didn't feel at liberty to discuss the topic with her. She probably knew how security clearance and confidentiality agreements worked, with her father's job and all. "Who am I going to tell? The only people I routinely hang out with are your family."

He threw her an annoyed look over his shoulder.


there's other stuff i wanted to post about, but for now i just want to get the next chapter ready and uploaded. so i'll be back to fangirl about recent events once i'm done with that! ^_^
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Glad to hear you're doing well!