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01 November 2012 @ 08:34 pm

by luststories

this excerpt is brought to you by the six hours i had to spend waiting at the berlin foreigners' office in order to renew my visa today. thank you god for inventing laptops!


It was only as he was halfway down the tunnels that he realized he hadn't seen Finnick, who had been standing near him, [...] exit the room at all.

He turned on his heels-- rather abruptly as the movement of people around him jostled him and the blaring of the alarm was already making him dizzy-- and pushed through the crowd to get back to Command. Finnick hadn't been the same since they came back from their mission and they found out that [...] riots broke out in three other districts, one of them being Four. The Capitol, not taking that well after their prized Victor Finnick Odair publicly betrayed them, retaliated all-out. Even those not directly involved with the riots were punished. This included Finnick's girlfriend, Annie, who was taken prisoner, and his mentor from the Games, Mags, whose whereabouts were unknown at the moment.

Finnick seemed pretty certain Mags was dead. If they managed to get Annie, he had told Peeta that day, his throat raw from grief, that meant Mags was dead.

Since that day, they came to see a whole different side of Finnick. Gone was the flirty, confident, jovial man who always had a teasing or suggestive comment to make. He was replaced by a quiet, broken shell of a person who always seemed to have too many worries weighing him down. He had clearly cared deeply about his mentor, and her death was a crippling blow; as it was, he was barely hanging on to the hope that the girl he loved might still be alive. Sadly, that was a feeling Peeta could empathize with. And because of that, he worried. If even someone like Finnick felt like giving up, how should he feel?

He had to find Finnick and get him to the bunkers.

That was easier said than done. Going against the crowd was a lot more difficult than going along with it, though as he got back to the upper levels there was hardly any people walking around. (One thing he had to admit about Thirteen: they had procedures for everything, but they were very effective). He ran all the way up to Command, and that's where he found his bronze-haired fellow rebel, sitting against a wall in-between two chairs. It's a wonder nobody saw him before and forced him to evacuate. "Finnick! What are you still doing here? We have to evacuate!"

It was like his words didn't get through; Finnick seemed to be in some sort of shock. Peeta wasn't about to wait for him to react. "Come on, man! Don't do this, we don't have time for this," he said as he roughly pulled him to his feet and pushed him toward the door.

"She's probably dead," Finnick said, and for a second Peeta's heart stopped because he thought he was talking about Katniss. But he wasn't. "They kept Katniss alive because they needed her for something. But there's nothing Annie can do for them, Peeta. She's not... she's not well enough to do anything for them." He shook his head sharply, stumbling from Peeta's prodding to keep walking. "She's probably dead."

"She's not dead," Peeta asserted back at him, sounding more certain than he truly felt, [...] as he pushed him forward with a steady hand between his shoulder blades. "They're not dead, and you have to stop thinking that way because you have to help me convince these people to rescue them."

It was easier to transit through the corridors now that they were mostly empty of people. The alarms kept blaring and lights kept blinking at them, letting them know which way to go, until they finally saw the heavy, reinforced door to the bunker, which Peeta recognized from previous, low-level drills. The door was about to close. "We'll finish this conversation later. Now we have to move!"


MAAAAAAAAGS. ;_; i am going to cry so hard when she dies in the movie.

i already have chapter 26 edited and ready to go, but i want to go to bed early (i had to wake up at 6 am to be at the foreigners' office on time), so i'm going to upload it tomorrow instead. so look for it sometime in the afternoon!
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The Princess of Seyruun: Slayers - Wobbly eyes.amelia_seyroon on November 1st, 2012 09:11 pm (UTC)
MAAAAAAAAGS. ;_; i am going to cry so hard when she dies in the movie.

I cried when Rue died in the movie. I'm gonna cry even more for Mags. T__________T