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i wasn't going to post at all until i had time to type up a summary of my trip to orlando, but i finished this scene today and for some reason i loved the way it came out. hmm, odd. xD so anyway, here's a snippet. this comes a little while after this scene-- they're still at the same party.


She moved closer to her sister. “Leigh, what?” she insisted.

It would be better to just tell her, Leigh-Ann thought. That way she would relent to go home (wasn’t she the one who didn’t want to come in the first place?) and she wouldn’t have to stay here and be humiliated any longer. “I found Jensen making out with another girl,” she finally disclosed, keeping her voice low.

Her attempt failed, of course, as Bailey’s immediate reaction was: “That son of a bitch!,” followed by a hurried dash toward the door. Giant movie collection or not, she was going to give the bastard a piece of her mind for cheating on her sister. Leigh-Ann barely had time to grab her arm to stop her momentum. “Bailey, don’t.”

The brunette turned incredulous eyes at the older girl. “You can’t just let him treat you like that!”

Leigh-Ann dropped any pretense of discretion. Obviously it was too late for that. “I’ll deal with it tomorrow,” she sentenced, pleading for her sister to understand. “But right now I feel horrible and I just want to get out of here. Let’s just go, okay?”

Bailey’s determination softened, seeing that her big sister was hurting. She nodded and complied, just about to go pick up her things when Dickens’ voice interrupted her movements. “Um, I don’t think you’re going to get very far on foot,” he told them.

Both sisters looked to the window he was pointing to, to see copious amounts of snow falling from the sky. Leigh-Ann sighed as Bailey cursed under her breath. “Great. What do we do now?”

“I have a car. I could take you home,” Dickens offered, getting up from the couch to address the girls’ concerns.

Bailey brightened immediately. “That would be awesome! Thank you so much, we’ll chip in for the gas if you want.”

“He lives a couple blocks away from our house,” Leigh-Ann let her know, offhandedly. She’d been at Dickens’ place a couple times before, working on group projects for school. He lived in a fancy condo— in fact, Bailey could probably see the building from her room.

The younger girl turned to Dickens in surprise. “Howdy, neighbor,” he quipped, with a chuckle, securing his hands inside his pockets again.

“Still, you don’t have to,” Leigh-Ann continued, feeling somewhat embarrassed that her problems had ruined the night. “We’ll just wait until the snow stops and then walk, it’s okay. You probably want to stay at the party anyway.”

“He doesn’t care about the party, he was just strumming randomly,” Bailey intervened before Dickens could add anything in.

Leigh-Ann thought she should have a talk with her about making assumptions about other people and their time, but that would have to be later. Fortunately for Bailey, Dickens intervened, backing her up. “She’s right. I was just holed up here, horsing around with Bailey. I don’t really care to stay.”

Bailey snorted. “Of course your jerk of an ex-boyfriend would throw the lamest party of the year,” she interjected, trying to lighten the mood.

Dickens nodded. “Please let me help. It’ll at least make me feel a little better about ever having been friends with that jerkface.”

Now Bailey nodded. “Such a jerkface,” she said solemnly, as if it bared repetition.

Leigh-Ann was still feeling like crap, and probably would for the next few days, but she had to smile at their attempts to cheer her up. “Alright,” she conceded.

As Bailey and Dickens went right along to gather up their stuff, Leigh-Ann rested against the desk and wondered just how on earth those two had wound up hanging out together that night. As far as she knew they’d never talked to each other before, and she couldn’t really see them having much in common. Still, despite all their differences she adored her younger sister, and as far as she knew Dickens was a really nice guy, so she was glad she wasn’t alone right now.

Dickens put his guitar back in its case, and she saw him sneak a glance at Bailey, who was looking down at a DVD (she was too far away to read the label) as if debating with herself. “You know you can’t actually take that now, right?” he asked her.

She scoffed. “I know that,” she retorted defensively, moving to put the DVD case back in the shelf where it belonged.


also, i will finish this meme before the next century turns. i swear. for the 30 day post meme:

post 08: the pairing with the most baggage.

shinji and asuka from neon genesis evangelion

oh, man, it's no contest. not. even. a contest.

you know, with the whole "i hate you because you're weak but i love you because you look up to me even when i'm not the strongest and i hate you because you treat me like crap but i love you because you make me want to be strong like you but i'm afraid to get closer because you keep hurting me and pushing me away and you make me hate myself and i can't love anyone unless i learn to love myself"... well, look up "baggage" in the dictionary and you'll find a picture of these two, i'm sure. just look at them individually. and the curve increases exponentially when you put them together. i've seriously never seen people, let alone a relationship, more messed up than this one.

ugh. and that's why they're one of my biggest OTPs. how messed up am i? ^^;;;
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