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EXTRA!!-- fandom meme

by hincksia

and up next, the fandom meme:


favorite film watched this year: i'm going to say harry potter and the deathly hallows, part 1, for the sheer fangirly GLEE that it brought within me. \o/ also, cinematographically speaking it captured the feeling the book had to a tee, and focused so much on the relationship between the characters that it almost made me want to bawl, it was so deep. it was such a great movie. second would be inception. i'm no fan of leonardo dicaprio but i can't deny he's a good actor, and the intricacies of the plot for this one were amazing. i do hope it'll get nominated for an oscar. the percy jackson and the olympians movie would be a third, i guess, because it just introduced me to a whole new fandom which i love. and logan lerman EEEEEE! ♥♥

favorite book read this year: grave peril, aka book 3 of the dresden files series, by jim butcher. yeah, i'm cheating here, because i had already read that book before. but i had only read it online, i hadn't read it print! that counts, i swear! anyway no one, and i mean no one, can beat harry dresden in snarky first-person narration, and out of the four dresden files books i've read, this is by far my favorite. it introduces a host of new characters that i love (like michael and thomas, who have quickly and easily become my favorite characters in the entire series-- along with harry, of course) and i just love the plot, the idea of the vampire courts, and they way the vampires and other creatures work together to bring about doom... it's just amazing how butcher strings his plots together. we'll see if this first place stands when i continue reading along with the series. coming in second we'd have the titan's curse, aka book 3 of the percy jackson and the olympians. i loved this one because of thalia, and nico and bianca, and APOLLO OMFG, and it was just so much about the characters themselves. about what made them do the things they do, and about the way they relate to each other. easily my favorite book in the series, and i've read them all by now. even the sequel series.

favorite album or song to listen to this year: i haven't had the opportunity this year to buy albums as a whole, so i'll just post some of the songs that have gotten stuck in my head for a significant period of time: according to you by orianthi, almost lover by a fine frenzy (i blame my luke/thalia video for that one), waka waka (this time for africa) by shakira (i don't normally like shakira-- at least not anymore-- but i couldn't help this one. the world cup took over my life), alejate de mi by camila, heavy cross by the gossip, letter from a thief by chevelle and this is war by 30 seconds to mars (which i'm making a rebuild of evangelion video to and which will hopefully be finished... someday).

favorite LJ community of the year: kurtty because it's been way more active lately than it has ever been in the past, and it just warms my heart to know that there's people out there other than me who want to see these two together even in the comics. i'm glad i'm not alone. ♥

first fandom of the year: percy jackson and the olympians.

first ship of the year: i was going to say percy/annabeth from PJO, but then i remembered this one came first by a couple of weeks: hatter/alice from the syfy mini-series alice. andrew-lee potts! *LOVE*

main fandom of the year: definitely percy jackson and the olympians. i read all the books, looked around the web for every worthwile fanfic, fanart or fanvideo, and then wrote fanfic and made a fanvid of my own. it absorbed my life to the point where the first thing i checked when i logged online was cabinthree. yeah, even before i checked my email. ^^;;;

best new fandom discovery of the year: TV tropes, which is a fantastic discovery for ALL fandoms. ;) i had already visited the site before, but i didn't really get into it until this year.

fandom that you never expected to get into: the magic schoolbus. seriously, who would've thought?! O_o

fandom that made an unexpected come back: captain planet. toward the middle of the year i found myself rewatching the episodes and reading wheeler/linka fanfics all over the place. (some of them are actually quite good!)

fandom that inspired the most crack: i didn't write much crack this year, tbh. although i certainly had my fair share of crackishness when i went to see some movies at the theater, like for example clash of the titans. xD

biggest fandom disappointment of the year: arthur and morgana turned out to ACTUALLY BE blood siblings, on merlin. oh, writers, you just don't know what a fantastic opportunity you missed. not to mention, it comes across as VERY soap-opera-ish, as morgana is also morgause's half-sister. and didn't she say in series 1 that she knew arthur's mother very well? she'll turn out to be arthur's half-sister through igraine, you just wait. *shakes head* as cool as evil!morgana is, one can't really watch on as they take their characters and and wrap them up so tightly that they'll choke on their own plots. i hear there's going to be another king arthur-themed TV series called "camelot," so we'll see if they do better with that one. not necessarily getting arthur and morgan together or anything (it all depends on the chemistry and the angle they give the characters' relationship, obviously), but at least, y'know, not going all days of our lives on us.

favorite TV show of the year: i'm going to say psych. i just thought season 5 was killer. x3

favorite main character of the year: huh. this is a hard one. too many great main characters to count. it's a toss up between sherlock holmes from sherlock (benedict cumberbatch plays him so, so well, he's perfect for the role), harry dresden from the dresden files (you gotta love him and his snarkiness and his chronic hero complex), percy jackson from percy jackson and the olympians (sweetest kid ever, and could give dresden a run for his money in the snark department) and artemis fowl II from the artemis fowl series (you gotta love evil masterminds turned anti heroes).

favorite supporting character of the year: michael carpenter and thomas raith from the dresden files. those two just totally make the series for me. they're hilarious, and adorable, and i just love them to bits and pieces.

favorite villain of the year: pride (aka selim bradley) from fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood. i wasn't really that big a fan of pride in the manga, but somehow seeing him animated made all the difference for me. brotherhood!pride was fantastic: creepy, sadistic, he just made chills run down my spine every time he was on screen.

favorite video game character of the year: irvine kinneas from final fantasy 8. i didn't play ff8 this year, but i had a ff8 period a few weeks ago and it reminded me of how much i really loved irvine.

favorite game of the year: again, final fantasy 8. it's my favorite out of the final fantasy series by FAR. *sigh* wish they could make a full-length movie for that one...

TV boyfriend of the year: dr. john watson from sherlock. i looooove martin freeman. ♥

TV girlfriend of the year: ok, so maybe not a TV girlfriend and instead she's more of a book girlfriend, but i have to say thalia grace from the percy jackson and the olympians series. she is the shiznit. and if i could get FOX to make a second PJO movie and somehow convince them to cast kaya scodelario as thalia, my life would be complete. xD

biggest squee moment of the year: shawn and juliet's first kiss in episode 5x09 of psych. SQUEEEEEEE! oh god, shawn being all sweet and honest and adorable. and that song. the SONG! i swear, i still find myself hyperventilating when i re-watch that scene, which is really ridiculous since i already knows what happens after that. ^^;;; but it was just THAT sweet.

favorite ship of the year: i'll say kurt & kitty from x-men. during the year i rewatched all the x-men animated series, re-read some of my favorite comics issues and even got to read some issues i didn't know about, so for the most part of the year i was reading k/k fanfics, both old favorites and newfound jewels, and looking up fanart and just... enjoying the ship in general. i love that ship. it's never going to go away for me.

last fandom of the year: i think it might be blood+, although that was all the way back in july...

last ship of the year: julian keller (hellion) & laura kinney (X-23) from x-men. i seriously don't even know where this ship came from, it just grew on me out of the blue. ^^;;; LOL, when ships attack...

missed of your old fandoms: a few weeks ago i was thinking of the good ol' days of the sailor moon fandom. we don't see much more of that around these days, do we? it was a good fandom. good times.

biggest fan anticipations for the new year: ooh, i can't wait for the new season of sherlock! they left us with a tremendous and completely evil cliffhanger and i want to see how they get out of that. also, cannot WAIT for the last HP movie. it's going to be blow-you-out-of-the-water EPIC! x3


i was helping my mom print out our maps/directions for our upcoming trip, so i didn't get time to work on my list of movies for 2011. so i'm going to leave that for tomorrow or tuesday. see you around then!

re: mood-- LOL, wow, look at all those tags! xD
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