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'cause i could start fires with what i feel for you.

the song fade out...

カルラ (carla)


welcome to girls are weird ; cali's LJ/ficlog.
don't friend me if you're looking for my icons! go to wakizashi_.
about cali

carla. 27. female. panamanian. straight. chemical engineer. aspiring writer. dork. science geek. fangirl. hyper. sarcastic. loves; reading. writing. icon-making. web-designing. quotes. rock. coca-cola. sci-fi. her ipod. anime/manga. christian bale. baseball. NY yankees. anything space-related. ryan gosling. tv dramas. trios (friendship) in general. YA literature. zinedine zidane. real madrid. anything french. more & more? hates; ants. writer's block. hypocrites. hunger. clingy people. LJ; 50% friends only. comment here to be added.
current fandom

haven; nathan. duke. nathan/audrey. THG; peeta. gale. finnick. cato. peeta/katniss. gale/madge. TMI; alec. simon. isabelle. jace. simon/isabelle. alec/magnus. jace/clary. LoK; lin. bolin. iroh. asami. makorra. irohsami. dresden files; harry. thomas. michael. carlos ramirez. harry/murphy. PJO; percy. thalia. apollo. hermes. ares. percy/annabeth. luke/thalia. more & more?

my fanfics
this layout

layout based on one by cielo_gris and modified by moi.
all the icons shown in posts were made by me (@ ickygreen or wakizashi_) unless stated otherwise.

10 things, 2xh, ah! megami-sama, alice, anime, arthur/morgana, ash/misty, astronomy, avatar: the last airbender, baseball, being delusional, bleach, blood+, bo/shirley, books, captain planet, card captor sakura, caspian/susan, chase/cameron, chemical engineering, chemistry, cold case, comic books, cowboy bebop, david/selena, dead like me, digimon, disney, doctor who, draco/ginny, dragon ball, ed/winry, eriol/tomoyo, evangelion, everwood, fanfiction, final fantasy viii, france, freddie/sam, full metal alchemist, gambit/rogue, goten/bra, gundam wing, hagi/saya, hannah montana, harry potter, harry/hermione, hatter/alice, heroes, high school musical, history, house md, icarly, inuyasha, ishihime, jessifer, jin/fuu, jo's boys, jo/laurie, joan of arcadia, joan/adam, jonny quest, jonny/jessie, justin/rebecca, jyoumi, kouzumi, kurt/kitty, little men, little women, lizzie mcguire, louisa may alcott, luke/thalia, magic knight rayearth, manga, mason/daisy, merlin, miroku/sango, movies, music, mythbusters, mythology, naruhina, naruto, neon genesis evangelion, new york yankees, nine days, oliver/lilly, our lady peace, patrick/kat, percy jackson, percy/annabeth, philosophy, pokemon, psych, ranma 1/2, ray/neela, reading, real madrid, remy/rogue, robin hood, robin/marian, robin/starfire, rock, ron weasley, ron/luna, royai, rurouni kenshin, ryan/calleigh, ryoga/ukyo, sailor moon, saint seiya, samurai champloo, sanosuke/megumi, sasusaku, science, science fiction, scotty/lilly, seifer/quistis, sentaro/skuld, shaman king, shawn/juliet, shikaino, shinji/asuka, shirley holmes, slayers, soccer, sorato, spike/faye, star wars, syaoran/sakura, the dresden files, the legend of zelda, the trio, trunks/pan, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, wheeler/linka, writing, x-men, x-men: evolution, yoh/anna, zelda/link, zinedine zidane, zutara, ,


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